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The ability to create documents through hardcopy, email, and specific document applications or via the web. Using our desktop extender or online web tools we can help bring documents together from multiple sources across multiple applications. This job build facility is available using a couple of solutions we have license to supply and support. We can create commonly used document formats i.e. PDF to ensure document integrity and brand consistency. Our collaborative partnerships help us to add value through experience of vertical markets.


Scanning multiple communications and documents in order to trigger a business process, such as archiving and collaborating, is becoming the most important function of the technology we supply. By capturing all the documents and data used throughout the business you reduce the risk of duplication, or loss of vital information with regards to compliance or business continuity. We can scan directly into a chosen location and use OCR technology to smartly recognise documents and automatically file and distribute through simple or complex document workflows.


Securely store your documents within a robust document management repository, improving accessibility and efficiency. Either using on-premise or cloud server infrastructure, we can ensure the right information is stored in the right place. Our electronic document management system can integrate with most CRM or case management software creating links to vital documentation. We can duplicate existing file structures, automate existing workflows, and follow approval processes, saving time, reducing cost, and increasing return on investment.

Retrieve and Collaborate

Access key documents across a range of devices securely, regardless of location. Either using our secure web client or via a desktop license we can supply a global solution for a global market. We have the ability to share documents through a range of applications such as SharePoint, MS365 and other applications to work more productively. Check-in and check-out documents securely to ensure version control, work in project teams through secure access, work smartly and efficiently protecting intellectual property.


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