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Corporate Social Responsibility

ITDS is an environmentally conscious business that’s committed to providing sustainable solutions to our clients and taking these same strategies and approaches and applying them within our own business to demonstrate best practices.

Sustainable Technology

Our strategic product partners are world-leading innovators, providing equipment that creates a lower carbon footprint. Technology advances at a rapid pace and the evolution to the use of biomass resins and recycled materials as part of the manufacturing and production process help ensure a greener approach right at the start of the product lifecycle.

Educating and informing

We work in partnership with our clients to educate them on smarter printing practices to reduce print waste, lower power consumption, and reduce their overall carbon footprint, whilst at the same time becoming more efficient in their business operations.

Small changes can make a big difference and we can advise on best practice that helps generate results that will have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Leading with the circular economy approach

We have adopted a circular economy approach moving away from the linear model of taking, making, dispose of. This traditional approach creates strain due to the nature of sourcing cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, which is no longer sustainable.

The circular economy approach is a viable alternative that ITDS are committed to, this alternative way of thinking is restorative to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

As a business, we are always striving for ways to make a difference and champion the green cause. Our solutions have a primary focus on a closed-loop environmental strategy, which ensures that old equipment can be reused and through our toner cartridge recycling there is longevity to the products and consumables we provide.

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