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Royal Mail Tariff Changes

Royal Mail announced changes to their tariffs on the 4th of April 2022. If you haven’t been informed about these changes fear not, please read this information.

Key Technology
Key Benefits
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It’s not bad news you will continue to save using franking machines rather than stamps. Typically Mailmark customers will reap the benefits of savings more than others. For example, Mailmark customers sending medium-sized parcels over 1kg will receive significant postage rate reductions.  

What do franking machine customers need to know?

Mailmark is the most up-to-date franking impression and the barcode carries greater information about the item being sent. Businesses will save money by using Mailmark franking machines because it offers the lowest prices for any Royal Mail franking products and services.

In the new prices that have been applied since the 4th of April, a franked Mailmark 1st and 2nd Class letter sent inland will be 17p cheaper than paying for stamps.

Extra Mailmark benefits:

·        Speed and Efficiency – you will save time when preparing outgoing mail because you can automatically select Royal Mail products and services. In addition, you can upload credit when you need it to aid in efficient postal charge management.

·        Tracking and reporting – you can track your postage spend and monitor the usage across the business. In turn, this improves postal spending management and reporting.

·        A professional image – Mailmark adds your company logo and provides priority messaging to your recipients. It provides business mail with a professional look, which leads to an increase in brand awareness.

How to prepare for the tariff changes

Updating your franking machine with the updated charges is of the utmost importance. Mailmark customers would’ve already been alerted to update their machines to the new tariff.

Please be aware that non-Mail marked machines will be phased out in the coming months, so 2022 is the year to change to Mailmark. ITDS Mailroom will be happy to provide advice on how to switch and what solutions would suit the business.

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