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Five entryways for cybercriminals to access your business

Unfortunately, hackers are no strangers to selling stolen IDs and other personal data, as it’s an extremely lucrative trade for them.

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They are always looking for sources where vital information is stored. If you are a small to medium-sized business, you have client information stored on laptops and computers. Consider what is your Point of Sale (PoS) terminal, if you have website transactions, you are storing sensitive bank, credit and debit card information. Potentially alongside other key personal information such as: driver’s license details, addresses and birthdays.

Here are some of the channels hackers can use to break into your IT infrastructure:

1.     Company websites – Hackers have become very sophisticated in cyber-attacks on websites. They can access specific information by targeting websites that have the information they are looking for.


2.     Mobile devices – Employees using mobile devices to conduct business can make them vulnerable targets to a security breach. Is there a BYOD strategy in place if employees are using their own devices for work purposes or are any mobile device management in place for company-owned devices to provide greater control over company assets?

Unless checked you don’t know how easy their passwords are to hack. Security breaches will lead hackers right into your networks, where they can steal critical information.


3.     Unsecure Wi-Fi network – Most businesses protect their Wi-Fi networks, but unsecured Wi-Fi is open to cyber criminals. If your Wi-Fi network is not secure, hackers are one step closer to breaking into your systems.


4.     PoS systems – These are the prime targets for hackers who want to commit financial fraud. Cyber thieves know that PoS systems that come with preloaded software can be hacked using an unsecured, Wi-Fi network.

This fraud directly impacts an individual’s finances because a hacker can make unauthorized credit card charges quickly and move on before anyone realises what happened. Damage to credit ratings can take years to rectify

5.     Email – This is another avenue that hackers use to infect computers with malicious software. They send viruses that replicate themselves in the host computers, performing various tasks such as denial of service to the users of your systems, spamming your contacts, and accessing data without authorisation. quickly make unauthorized credit card charges


You can start protecting your business by reading up on our 5 key tips to improve cybersecurity.

But, to handle all these possible gateways, you need a comprehensive approach to data security. Contact the ITDS team for help and guidance, we design a complete security blueprint to address all of these areas.

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