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How can I print securely using a PIN code or card reader?
How do I add an email address to scan documents?
Can a Cyber Essentials certification guarantee complete protection against cyber threats?
We have accidentally damaged the device, what should we do?
Why is it important for businesses to partner with Cyber Essentials certified organisations?
How do you ensure consistency across global sites?
Why am I unable to send a fax?
What kind of security measures does a Cyber Essentials certified company have in place?
What about the complexity of managing multiple vendors?
What should I do if there are black spots on the page?
How does a company become Cyber Essentials certified?
What support levels can I expect?
What’s the difference between a mechanical fault and a network problem?
What are the benefits of working with a Cyber Essentials certified partner?
How do managed services help in controlling costs?
What should I do if my device has stopped working?
Why is Cyber Essentials certification important?
How can you accommodate the growth of my business?
Where can I find the serial number for the device?
What is Cyber Essentials certification?
What are global managed services?
What is secure print?
What is a print roaming service?
Why is print security important?
How can printers affect our network security?
What are the implications of data breaches?
We are no longer part of the EU, so do the legislations apply?
How does the remote monitoring work?
How is toner replenished?
How do I supply meter readings?
How does the system raise a ticket?
What if an issue can’t be fixed remotely?
What else can remote monitoring help with?
What is Mailmark?
What does decertification mean?
Why is Royal Mail decertifying standard franking machines?
When do the changes come into force?
I use a Mailmark machine so why has Royal Mail sent me the decertification letter?
What will happen if I use my standard franking machine after 1st January 2023?
What is Hybrid Mail?
What are the drawbacks?
How does hybrid mail work?
What are the benefits of Managed IT Services?
What types of documents can I print?
Can I use company letterhead?
Can inserts be added?
What are the benefits of IT Managed Services?
What is Cybersecurity?
What does cybersecurity do?
What is phishing?
What is malware?
How to prevent malware attacks
What is ransomware?
Benefits of using an MPS provider?
What is a Managed Print Service?
How will an MPS be charged?
Can you manage our current print devices?
How do you optimise the print environment?
What is an MPS assessment and how long does it take?
Can I lease or rent a franking machine instead of purchasing one?
What is serverless printing, and how does it differ from traditional print server setups?
Is PrinterLogic compatible with various printer brands and models?
How does PrinterLogic enhance security compared to traditional print servers?
Is PrinterLogic suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?
How easy is it to implement PrinterLogic in our existing IT infrastructure?
Can we centrally manage our printing environment with PrinterLogic?
What support and resources are available?
Can PrinterLogic help reduce our IT support tickets?