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What are the benefits of working with an MPS provider?

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a service specifically designed to streamline office printing, remove burden, and optimise the overall print environment.

Key Technology
Key Benefits
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A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a service specifically designed to streamline office printing, remove burdens, and optimise the overall print environment. It allows users to reduce total printing costs, improve workflow and reduce overheads by not only providing ongoing management, but also monitoring and device service and support, onsite and remotely.

Benefits of an MPS provider
An experienced MPS provider will accurately track and analyse printing behaviours within your organisation to advise on the best solution that fits your business. A one-size-fits-all approach is all too often ineffective and counterproductive, as companies have widely varying needs for accessing printers and, even within the same company, it is quite usual for print workloads to differ greatly from across departments.

  1. Reduce maintenance costs
    Rather than maintaining or servicing individual devices one at a time – which can prove to be expensive in the long term. Managed Print Services connect all devices to one monitoring system to ensure not only just-in-time delivery of replacement toners, but also timely repairs, should these prove necessary.
  2. Personalised print processes & tailored workflows
    User customisation and personalised workflows can be set up for specific individuals or departments to gain greater control over print use across the organisation.  
  3. Reduce paper consumption
    Print authentication solutions can be integrated to enhance document security and remove the possibility of unauthorised machine usage. This invaluable feature helps to optimise document output and reduce paper consumption. The MPS can customise workflows for each customer according to their preferences and existing systems – it’s all about saving time and keeping documents in the right hands.
  4. Enhanced document security
    Your MPS specialist is also a key player in your company’s security strategy. They can, for example, recommend the use of access codes or even biometric authentication to minimise the risk of documents being stolen, and the MFP can be programmed to provide an audit trail of what is printed and by whom. In addition, multifunction printers with automatic hard drive wiping functionality as well as network-level solutions will reduce the risk of information being retrieved by hackers.
  5. Simplified print management
    By shifting the management of your printing estate to an MPS specialist, all of the onerous service and support issues are outsourced, which frees up time for your IT personnel to get on with important tasks that will help boost your profitability.
  6. The shift to digitisation
    With businesses demanding more and more documentation to support their internal processes, digitising hardcopy documents has become an essential part of good business practice. However, cloud storage users are now demanding an application that simplifies workflow and allows them direct access to scanning at the machine, without having to use their mobile devices and computers. A good MPS will offer cloud storage apps that are a convenient and hassle-free way of meeting this demand.
  7. Print on-the-go
    As for mobile workers, the MPS can also implement mobile printing from Android tablets and phones, iPads and iPhones, Chrome Books, Windows PCs and Macs. As well as being an enormous asset for employees, this feature is also ideal for visitors who do not need or want a permanent connection to your business network environment or wish to install a printer driver. Whether in the office, school, or even on the road, users can send a print job directly from their devices - even if they use multiple devices and multiple platforms. Wireless printing will increase productivity as well as improve flexibility and mobility within your organisation.
  8. Cost-effective solution
    MPS specialists can develop software solutions to suit your business and monitor the environmental impact of your printing fleet. They can help uncover the hidden costs associated with devices that include copiers, printers, scanners, and faxes, as well as identify cost-saving opportunities throughout your entire organisation.
  9. Greater flexibility
    MPS flexibility also extends to the level of subscription. Responsible MPS providers should offer scalable and flexible subscriptions that grow or shrink as your needs change. If the company expands, so should the printing and document services. If operations are scaled back, then the printing systems should follow suit and not lock the company in contracts that are no longer a good fit.

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IT Document Solutions is an innovative and exemplary provider of managed print and document solutions, providing business consultancy and service support for businesses and organisations across the UK. We help our customers optimise their IT print and document infrastructure to enhance both their systems and environmental performance, while also reducing costs to help increase profitability, and maximise return on investment.

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