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The true cost of managing documents

Searching for documents is commonplace across many businesses, but how much time and cost is actually involved?

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Searching for documents is commonplace across many businesses, but how much time and cost is actually involved? According to a recent survey, employees work on approx. 25 documents per day, spending an average of136 seconds looking for each one. Poor document management is costing firms £4,238 per employee each month, so these costs can really mount up. *Adopting new practices to manage documents will reduce these costs significantly.  Here are some areas where document management can help: Document Retrieval consider where and how documents are filed across the organisation.

Is there version control in place to ensure you have access to the latest documents and do you have the ability to lay your hands on the right information quickly? Logical FilingIt’s not enough to think about how and where to store documents, you need to consider how the documents are going to get there in the first place. Even the best document repository in the world can fail if it relies on manual processes for filling it with up-to-date content.

This element is crucial, if this is being done properly it will save significant man-hours for your business. Query handling Arguably customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics for an organisation in terms of sustaining long-term growth. An effective document management system plays an important role in this process by ensuring that any customer queries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, providing easy access to quality up-to-date information just as it’s needed.

This ensures that customer service teams can work effectively so that any customer complaints can be resolved before they escalate. Process the ability to control the lifecycle of each document through a specific set of rules ensures things are dealt with promptly and in the right way.  

It can also provide clarity to your office processes, so that you remain compliant. Evolution, not revolution's not about abandoning all of your current processes.  Successful document management solutions analyse the way you currently do things and adapt accordingly. The system should assist in automating and streamlining your current processes to ensure your teams have their time freed up to focus on more productive tasks. Take positive steps towards more efficient and productive working, which not only reduces your overheads, it improves business productivity too.

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