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Sunrise Senior Living Case Study Refresh

As part of the ITDS continuous improvement strategy the current managed print contract was due for renewal.  Integral to this process was benchmarking against the agreed KPIs to see where significant improvements could be made and to formulate the next stage of their print strategy to continue to deliver savings.

60 sites, UK Wide
Key Technology
Toshiba MFDs and desktop printers, Global Print 360 print management software, Lifecycle Manager remote diagnostics software.
Key Benefits
Reduced print costs, improved print security, device uptime, improved efficiency and greater visibility, reduced burden on IT Helpdesk, mobile print strategy, global print driver and self-service platform.
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Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare have been longstanding customers of IT Document Solutions. At the start of the relationship, specific KPIs and SLAs were agreed upon to ensure measurable success, which was focused on delivering efficiencies for the business and were designed to drive down costs and continually improve the technology across their sites.

As part of the continuous improvement strategy, the managed print contract was due for renewal and integral to this process was benchmarking against the agreed KPIs to see where significant improvements could be made and to formulate the next stage of their print strategy to continue to deliver savings. To deliver greater savings to the business, the client had already decided to print all stationery on the MFDs, so demand had increased.


Over the past three years, the needs of Sunrise and Gracewell had evolved and ITDS needed to continue to deliver solutions which addressed their changing requirements.

As part of the review, it was established that there would be a refresh of the Toshiba MFD fleet. Across the business, a substantial number of new machines were installed with a mix of upgrades and new devices. This was a testament to the growth of the business and the success of the print strategy so far.

There was a desire to drive uniformity across the print fleet and to standardise devices across the board in terms of speed and capacity. Ensuring that users would get the same experience printing across the group, making the fleet easier to use and manage.

In an industry where print volumes are being driven down, Sunrise have bucked this trend and their demand has actually increased. The Toshiba devices provide exceptional print quality, so much so that they no longer required pre-printed stationery and instead started to use the Toshiba devices and pre-configured templates to create this in-house.

Core software continued to be integrated into the solution. Remote diagnostic software ITDS Lifecycle Manager helped to enhance print performance and report on device utilisation, user dynamics and overall group dynamics across the organisation for print and printer management.

All the devices across the network were already using ITDS print management solution, Global Print 360, which enables secure printing from shared workgroup devices, and removes the need for costly print servers and multiple print driver management. Prints can be securely retrieved using proximity cards, reducing the risk of confidential documents falling into the wrong hands and reducing unnecessary print waste.


The refreshed solution for Sunrise has continued to drive significant savings and the technology has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the business. Sunrise now have an increased number of MFDs to meet user demand across the business with uniformity of the fleet, which has assisted with ease of use for teams across the sites.

The new solution has delivered savings of over 10% in addition to the significant savings from the start of the relationship and is performing well against the agreed KPIs set out. Cost is just one element of the print strategy and the solution is delivering additional value across the business.

One major benefit for Sunrise is the reduction of outsourced print which drives additional cost savings, without compromising on quality. By printing stationery in-house on the Toshiba devices there is no longer the need to stockpile and it can be printed flexibly, and on demand.

The continued integration of Global Print 360 ensures that staff can continue to print securely and they can roam between locations without the need for additional print drivers. This virtualised environment makes the management of the fleet easier and removes the need for localised print servers or middleware. This creates significant savings for an organisation of this size and means resources can be redeployed elsewhere. In addition, print waste is minimised as only what people claim is printed, reducing the carbon footprint for Sunrise.

Christopher Dean, Procurement Director at Sunrise Senior Living added:

“The commercial relationship between our two companies has developed over the last 5 years, with multiple touchpoints across the business. IT Document Solutions have always respected our benchmarking/tendering processes and takes nothing for granted.

The IT Document Solutions team continue to deliver excellent customer service and is willing to change and adapt to our ever-changing, and during the pandemic, challenging needs.

Unusually for this category, IT Document Solutions have proven a refreshingly honest company to deal with. The latest commercial savings couldn’t have come at a better time, at the start of the pandemic, and their proposals are always delivered professionally with realistic, never exaggerated, savings presented.”

Jermaine Weeden, Director, IT Document Solutions continues:

“Our consultative approach ensures measurable results for our client. The reports that we provide regularly have helped us to better understand the challenges for the client and the users. We continue to look at ways to add value, but more importantly, deliver a proactive and robust service and support for the technology that we provide.”

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