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Printing has never been so green

Within the print industry we are continuing to see drives in innovation to benefit the end-user.

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Within the print industry we are continuing to see drives in innovation to benefit the end-user.  There has long been talk about sustainable printing and this latest hybrid technology offers extremely ‘green’ credentials.  Introducing the new Toshiba e-Studio 5008LP series, the world’s first monochrome systems with erase print functionality.

The Toshiba e-studio 5008LP is the world’s first hybrid copier, one single device to print, copy, scan with the huge added benefit of reusable prints, which saves on paper and reduces a business’s overall carbon footprint and recycling costs.

This device is a logical step for Toshiba off the back of their Carbon Zero projects, as a business Toshiba heavily invest in supporting sustainable global projects around the world.

This product range is designed for businesses that want to up their green credentials, combining ecology, economy and functionality in one simple to use unit.  It’s not just about the environment with this device either, it has some innovative features for modern document workflows to enable business to work smarter than ever before.

The reception for the Toshiba e-studio 5008LP has been extremely positive. Last month the Toshiba e-studio 5008LP earned the Better Buys Q3 2017 Editor's Choice Award. The industry's first-of-its-kind product received the coveted honour by outperforming a wide array of other monochrome copiers in side-by-side comparisons.  The range comes in 35ppm, 45ppm and 50ppm models.

So how does it work?

Very often we print documents, which are only intended for temporary use, e.g. to proof-read a document, meeting agendas, or as a reminder to do something. For these cases Toshiba’s hybrid system gives you the ability to select the erasable blue toner, so that when you are finished with a document, you don’t have to throw the paper away, but can delete whatever was printed on it and reuse the sheet. To make it easier rule-based printing can be activated in the printer driver. This allows you to define multiple rules for the printer driver to then automatically select the blue toner e.g. for all e-mails and faxes as these types of documents are usually intended for temporary use.

To easily track how much you have already saved the e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report generates reports that calculates your paper reduction, the average usage of paper, etc. to show your environmental contribution at a glance.

How can the toner be erased?

The Hybrid MFP itself is capable of erasing the toner. Simply place the used paper into the designated paper cassette and start the process. The blue toner will be erased and you can then place the erased sheets back into the cassette of the MFP to print on it again.

Alternatively, you can use the optional e-STUDIO rd301 — an erasing unit with advanced features. Not only does it erase at a speed of up to 30 ppm, it also sorts the paper into reusable and non-reusable paper. Additionally, it can also digitise documents for electronic archiving before erasing the toner.

What is the benefit?

Assuming that you use a sheet of paper five times (i.e. print once and reuse it four times) and you print 4,000 erasable pages per month, you can reduce paper consumption by up to 80%. This means that after five years you will have saved almost 200,000 sheets of paper. In other words: The same amount of paper which you would usually use in one year, will now last five years.

Besides saving costs for paper (purchase, storage, distribution and disposal) there is also a significant environmental benefit as you automatically reduce the carbon emission and water consumption, which is generated during paper production.

See more on the Toshiba video here.

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