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Maximise the return on your Managed Print (MPS) Investment - Part 2

Following on from our last blog post, we continue to share some more areas for consideration that will help to ensure that you are truly maximising your managed print investment.

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Here are some more factors that can make or break the success of a managed print solution:

Continuous improvement – The print technology market is evolving at a rapid rate, your provider should be advising regularly about new technology, which can continue to complement and improve upon your existing print infrastructure.

Account management – Are you receiving proactive support from your provider with regular reviews to look at how the solution can be continually improved and changes can be implemented? MPS contracts last for between 3-5 years, but businesses and their requirements can change so much over this timeframe, so reviews must be taking place to ensure that your solution grows with your business.

Service levels – Is there a continuous improvement programme in place? As new devices and solutions are implemented your document dynamics will change and evolve. Does your provider challenge what automated services they offer to streamline this process, and is there flexibility in their contracts to adapt?

It’s not all about printing – Have you been provided with integrated solutions to improve the workflows of your documents, through smarter scanning and storage solutions? The document should be at the heart of the solution, if a provider is focused on click rates and ensuring high print levels to increase their revenues then alarm bells should start ringing!

Supporting existing devices – An MPS solution shouldn’t necessarily mean replacing all devices. There may be equipment that still has plenty of life left and simply doesn’t need replacing. As part of a comprehensive MPS solution, a supplier should be able to advise on new equipment, as well as support existing ‘legacy’ devices that are still fit for purpose.

Simplistic pricing structure – An MPS service should be ‘wrapped up in one single quarterly invoice with an attached schedule that provides individual costs per device, department or even ends user. This re-charging process in several cases can be used to create an internal revenue stream, and in most instances, is actually a VAT recoverable service that could save your business substantial amounts.

If done correctly an MPS solution should reduce the number of consumables used, reduce cost, and increase return on investment. Whilst print output is decreasing, document capture is increasing, along with the need to share and securely protect the data throughout the business and this should all be considered within a comprehensive solution.

Please continue to look out for our blog series, where we share further information and tips for improving your office productivity and efficiency.

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