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Managing the IT lifecycle

Today’s business environments are extremely competitive and organisations need to remain agile and efficient to continue to thrive.

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Today’s business environments are extremely competitive and organisations need to remain agile and efficient to continue to thrive. As a result, more companies are looking at ways to create that competitive edge and technology could be a key driver to facilitate this development.

Print and document technology is no different, it has come by leaps and bounds in recent years. The levels of functionality available and lower price points make it even more accessible, throw cloud technology into the mix and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

We take a pragmatic approach to print management, looking at the entire document lifecycle and how print is used within a business is at the heart of what we do and what we focus on with every client.

By taking a holistic approach to print infrastructure and looking at this entire lifecycle provides significant commercial benefits.  It drives down operational costs, whilst maximising performance, and productivity, and drives sustainability.

With this in mind, IT Document Solutions have launched a fantastic new solution, Lifecycle Manager.  This is a highly intuitive, remote management and diagnostic tool, which supports print networks 24x7 on your behalf.

Lifecycle Management if done correctly, can offer real value to organisations, and by taking a longer-term view, significant benefits can be achieved:

  • Drive down costs –Total cost of ownership can quickly be established to ensure the best possible returns on the print fleet.  Constant monitoring means that improvements can easily be made to maximise returns and keep costs as low as possible.
  • Maximise performance and productivity – Remote monitoring of the network ensures any issues are immediately alerted and quickly resolved, minimising downtime and leaving internal IT teams to focus on managing other areas of the IT network.
  • Drive long-term sustainable value – Continual review of the network, ensures that devices on the network can be redeployed to the correct areas according to print output.  Not only does this achieve cost efficiencies it also extends the lifespan of devices.

This is a solution that is provided to all IT Document Solutions clients as standard on their MPS accounts, because we believe it is vitally important that we support our client’s fleets to the highest possible standard.  Our customers have enough to deal with and print should not be one of them, thanks to the level of support we provide via Lifecycle Manager and our continuous improvement programme.  To learn more please get in touch.

Transform your business today. To see how Lifecycle Manager can improve the management of your print fleet and boost the productivity of your team, please contact us to arrange a free demo.

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