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Is an outsourced mail solution right for your business?

When an organisation decides to streamline their processes, including optimising workflows and refocusing employees on core projects, they tend to outsource certain functions such as printing and mail fulfilment to a third party.

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Key Benefits
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This article explores how this impacts your business and how you can retain control, whilst improving efficiencies across your business.

How will outsourcing improve/enhance the customer communication process?

You will be able to provide improved document quality and reduce turnaround time. Automating your outbound customer communication process ensures your documents will show a consistent style that delivers a professional image for the organisation. Plus, automating your outbound documents provides the ability to create more robust and centralised tracking capabilities through a single automated platform.

Bringing added value to your business

Outsourcing will consolidate communications so you can access volume control. It allows you to reduce the organisation’s dependence on paper, plus you save on operating expenses. For example, equipment, maintenance and inventory. With a cloud-based solution, you still retain control by managing document creation and upload but dispose of the hassle of sorting, fulfilment and delivery.

Return on Investment (ROI)

All that time spent on overtime and other operating expenses can now be reallocated and reinvested into your business. Outsourcing mail makes sense for SMB organisations working with tight budgets and a small circle of employees. Take into consideration the internal resources and talent you will be able to redirect to generate revenue for the organisation.

How disruptive will it be to my current process?

A cloud-based solution is quicker and easier to migrate to. Cloud-based solutions also are scalable and integrate easily within your existing systems. Subscription-based automation software provided by a mailing partner requires minimal set-up time and little IT involvement.

What is the implementation time?

Outsourcing decisions shouldn’t be motivated by short-term cost savings, but by long-term strategy. You can make the transition easier by starting small beyond the standard logistical concerns of an organisation like migrating processes and training staff.


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