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Introducing Datto SIRIS 5

SIRIS 5 from Datto adds key enhancements and features to your organisation’s protection. ITDS Managed are a Datto Silver Partner, which allows us to provide a solution that elevates your business and promotes successful growth.

Key Technology
Key Benefits
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Dealing with cyber-attacks is an increasing concern for all organisations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small firm, cyber threats are always apparent and can strike at any time.

What can SIRIS 5 do?

Datto SIRIS 5 focuses on three key elements:

1.      Performance: Up to 4x more performance and an upgraded RAM and CPU that provides faster disaster recovery performance than ever before.

2.     Reliability: Industry-standard server hardware, redundant power supplies, reliable enterprise SAS HDDs, HDD RAID and advanced diagnostics for improved uptime.

3.     Simplicity: Streamlined appliance options consolidate the best features to optimise performance across the board and create an easier selection and upgrade process for partners.

The SIRIS 5 hardware also includes features such as:

  • New reporting capabilities: Including Hero report, device audits, and PowerBI templates,
  • Improved agentless backup performance: Delivering up to double the throughput
  • Advanced network configuration: including VLAN grouping
  • New DWA driver version 3.0.12: For increased backup and screenshot success rates

SIRIS 5 has been built for managed service providers to provide an all-in-one BCDR solution, it's the best in class for reliability. This solution prevents data loss and minimises downtime for organisations, alongside building and growing the business.

The Datto SIRIS 5 solution stores and copies data locally within the cloud that’s built on a secure storage model. The data stored is replicated to a secondary Datto Cloud location for extra stability, this is a huge benefit for backup disaster recovery resilience.

To find out more about Datto SIRIS 5 and how it could help your business, get in touch with the team today:

T: 0207 101 0096


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