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Hybrid working

Future workspaces will look very different as a result of the pandemic. We are no longer bound to our desk 9-5 and have discovered there are better ways of working.

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Future workspaces will look very different as a result of the pandemic.  We are no longer bound to our desks 9- and have discovered there are better ways of working. One of the positive aspects to come out of 2020 is businesses successfully adapting and realising the benefits of their teams working remotely.

Hybrid working is set to become the norm for many – where the company’s main offices become collaborative workspaces, alongside home working.  There are huge benefits for both employer and employee, providing there is seamless integration between home and office environments and the technology that facilitates this.

Technology companies have been challenging the norm for many years, and now the rest of the world seems to be catching up. Our modern lifestyles need the flexibility to increase employee productivity, employee satisfaction and loyalty.

What impact will this have on office printing?
Printing is still a crucial business process, whether you are in the office or working from home.  For employees to be productive wherever they work it is vital that they have secure access to files and applications and can work exactly as they would if they were in the office.

Bridging the gap with cloud printing
Employees need the ability to print regardless of where they are working, whether that be at the home, office or in a shared workspace.  Cloud printing is bridging the gap to enable users to print anytime, anywhere, on demand.

Cloud printing offers an array of benefits to both organisations and their users and has enabled many businesses to completely eliminate the need for print servers by delivering a centrally managed direct IP printing solution. This creates flexible print environments that provide convenience to the end user and greater functionality, without excessive hardware costs. It simplifies the management of the print network and allows home users to connect their devices to a central hub, seamlessly supporting your workforce to print securely wherever they are located.

Selecting the right print device for the job
Integrating cloud printing, alongside a smart print workflow ensures print jobs are routed to a specific device.  For example, if a high-quality leaflet needs printing the marketing team could work on it remotely and then it could be directed to the central print room at the main office.  Or if there is a team meeting all the documents could be routed to the device in the meeting room, ready for when everyone arrives.

Here are some key areas that could help to improve productivity across your business:

  • Contactless printing – Keep staff safe and documents secure when printed from shared workgroup devices in the office.
  • A3 to A4 devices – As businesses downsize and take smaller office space retain productivity by moving to more economical and efficient A4 devices.
  • Digitise your files – Electronic document management will enable your teams to access documents, anytime, anywhere, and securely.
  • Automate processes - Create automated workflows for paper-intensive processes, which improves productivity and can be undertaken from any location.
  • Redundancy of technology – As working practices have changed consider if your technology still supports these goals and consider what technology you need to support your office and workers moving forward.
  • Review your current contracts – Are they still fit for purpose and do they meet the needs of your future business requirements?

Is your business prepared for new ways of working?
As your teams transition back to office life, are your working practices and technology still fit for purpose?

To complement the new hybrid working environment the technology needs of the business will have changed, with remote support required for these new working practices. There has never been a better time to reassess your technology requirements and where possible make improvements operationally and commercially.

ITDS Managed Services are offering a free, no obligation, technology review for all businesses. We will do a comprehensive audit of your existing technology across the business and identify where you can make improvements, which will help your business to work smarter. Our recommendations will include productivity tools, security, remote monitoring, and employee wellness.

Contact ITDS, we are here to help.

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