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How IT companies can strengthen their proposition with Managed Print Services (MPS)

The technology industry is evolving and the desire for fully managed services has never been more prevalent.

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The technology industry is evolving and the desire for fully managed services has never been more prevalent. Some businesses are looking to acquire complimentary IT service businesses to strengthen their proposition and offer more value to their customers.

Whilst this can be appealing to some, strategic partnerships can offer a viable alternative which gives IT companies access to additional services without incurring the high costs and headaches that go along with acquisitions.

There are some great reasons why adding MPS to your portfolio is worthwhile:

  1. Your customers are already buying an MPS service from someone.
  2. The MPS market is growing.
  3. Clients may be looking to move from their MPS supplier.
  4. You can completely lock out the competition.
  5. Create an additional revenue stream for your business.
  6. Partner with a trusted advisor that is an expert in the MPS industry

Already buying MPS

It’s most likely that your IT clients have some type of MPS provision from another supplier and from a client’s perspective, it can be a real headache managing multiple suppliers, as you already know them well the conversation is likely to be much more straightforward.

MPS market is growing

MPS is a huge opportunity, despite ongoing coverage of the ‘Paperless Office’ the reality is that there is still very much a place for printing.  According to Quocirca, 32% of UK organisations expect to increase their spending in MPS over the next 12 months, this poses a huge opportunity.

Unhappy with a current provider

30% of organisations are largely unhappy with their current MPS partner and are expecting to switch providers when their agreement comes up for renewal.

The MPS market is extremely saturated, however, what sets the best providers apart is their exceptional service.  By working with a trusted MPS provider you are building on your current levels of service to provide additional value to your clients.

Lock out the competition

Due to the emergence of managed service companies, the reality is that if you don’t provide MPS, you may find yourself up against a competitor who offers MPS and IT and then you risk losing that client completely.

By working with a print technology provider and introducing them to your customers you are creating that centrally managed service, which is then extremely difficult for the competition to penetrate.

Create an additional revenue stream

If you carefully select the right print technology partner that has a strong portfolio of solutions and strong client references to support your customers it will provide reassurance and peace of mind that will lead to an additional monthly revenue stream.

This is a joint partnership so your technology partner should be willing to share the profits that are generated with your customers.

Partner with a trusted advisor

Working alongside a specialist print technology partner will instantly elevate your credibility and demonstrates that you are focused on your client's best interests.

Your MPS partner will be working directly with your clients introducing new technology that streamlines their processes, reduces costs and improves their sustainability, all of which is a positive reflection on your business.

Why are customers increasing their spending in MPS?

Recent research carried out by Quocirca states that the top three reasons your clients will be keen to speak with you about MPS are:

  1. More predictable costs
  2. Improve service quality
  3. Reduce costs

The bottom line is customers value MPS and is preparing to invest more in its provision of it.

A proven process

Strategic alliances between an IT partner and a print technology partner can offer huge potential to the partnership and tremendous value to your clients, it’s a win-win for all parties involved.  We have complete confidence in this approach with our Alliance Partner Programme and work closely with all our IT partners to ensure that it delivers the best possible results.

To learn more about how we can help you benefit from the expanding MPS market opportunity, contact us at 0207 101 0096 or email

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