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How can document management save your business thousands?

Every day businesses create and store thousands of documents and the volume of information generated can be overwhelming.

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Every day businesses create and store thousands of documents and the volume of information generated can be overwhelming. Managing such an array of documents can drain time, money and other resources across a business.  Despite the move to digital, there is still a heavy reliance on paper and labour-intensive processes. So it’s no surprise that on average employees can spend up to 40% of their time looking for documents.

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit from managing documents electronically.

Reduce costly IT infrastructure

As the amount of information stored continues to grow, so too does the strain put on IT infrastructure, leading to increasing costs and the burden of larger storage requirements, as well as the regular hardware and software updates that are required. A cloud-based solution offers you a flexible and affordable per-seat/user payment plan, allowing scalability as your business grows without the need for costly IT investment.

Improve business processes

Often there are arduous manual paper-based processes within organisations which are antiquated and costly, however, these can be eliminated by creating document workflows using electronic forms for sales orders and other documentation or intelligently capturing paper-based data. Imagine how much time could be saved by automatically capturing documents that can be saved and easily retrieved as and when required.

Access documents anytime, anywhere

According to analysts IDC by 2018 75% of Europe’s workforce will be mobile, which means the need for instant access to critical information on the go. Due to documents being stored in a cloud or web-based system you can access information securely from any location and from any device.  Documents can be accessed using multiple security levels protecting vital Intellectual Property.

Complete Compliance

There is still the perception that businesses must store all paper-based documents to adhere to regulations, this simply isn’t true. A document management system facilitates a clear audit trail of all your documents. Helping your business adhere to the latest data protection legislation and other regulatory, corporate governance and industry-specific standards, including HMRC.

There is an easier way to manage all your documents, helping you manage information more effectively and boosting your productivity and staff efficiency. These savings generate a clear return on investment which will help your business save on its bottom line.

News Flash: IT Document Solutions now offer storage and retrieval services for your physical documents and files. This convenient service is charged per box per month freeing up space within your working environment. Contact us now to learn more about our document solutions, call 0207 101 0096 or email:

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