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Does your company have off-site self-storage?

As we help our clients become less paper intensive and migrate their paper-based document processes to electronic document management, this still leaves a requirement for physical boxed storage.

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As we help our clients become less paper-intensive and migrate their paper-based document processes to electronic document management, this still leaves a requirement for physical boxed storage. Amazingly the majority of our clients either have expensive office space being used for historical archiving or they rely on self-storage units, which poses a real security risk.

The challenges for those businesses include:

  • No racking
  • Damaged boxes
  • Damp
  • Irregular filling
  • Lack of space for retrieval
  • Lack of security
  • Lone working in hazardous environments

All of the above means that crucial documentation is at risk. The time spent searching for the right documents or travelling to and from a storage location, means it’s a time-intensive model that is clumsy and very expensive. What makes it worse is that because it’s an unmanaged service, a lot of the documents being stored may no longer be required.

So what alternatives are available?

ITDS Storage and Retrieval services offer a full end-to-end solution:

  • Cost-effective – On average 45% cheaper than traditional self-storage.
  • Fully complaint - Adheres to the relevant codes of practice and industry regulations regarding retention of business documents.
  • Greater storage space - Free up vital and expensive storage space within your own premises.
  • Reduce risks – Flood, fire, accidental damage, rest assured your documents are protected, with a structured approach to disaster recovery.
  • Easy access - Indexing of documents to ensure quick and easy retrieval.
  • Safe disposal - Confidential waste destruction to ensure sensitive documents are disposed of appropriately.
  • Scalable - Large capacity 27,000 sqft warehouse to store your documents.
  • Safe and secure - Latest security measures in place to ensure documents remain protected.

Contact IT Document solutions today, we offer a free site survey and a full return on investment calculation to prove the commercial business case. We have yet to not save people money and the service we offer far outweighs the status quo. What’s more, we can also discuss the feasibility of moving away from paper and offer you a solution with will eliminate the physical archive all together. #ItsWhatWeDo #BeyondThePrintedPage

IT Document Solutions is an award-winning trusted provider of managed print and document solutions to businesses across the UK.  The company provides a structured and transparent approach to the printing and management of documents to reduce costs, reduce waste and improve efficiency. or call 0207 101 0096

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