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I love the old-fashioned exchange of business cards; I was always told to look at the card when thrust into your hand.

It’s only polite to acknowledge the information presented rather than just shoving it into your pocket…. I hope we will continue this ritual in business!

However, with the emergence of ‘business colour’ multi-functional (MFD) devices, more and more companies are asking the question, when do we stop paying out for boxes of pre-printed stationery?… Is letterhead on expensive conqueror paper a thing of the past? Well for more and more companies, this is becoming a reality. Print on demand and having the ability to edit and update information, as and when required offers value and flexibility. I remember visiting a major insurance company who had seven different brands, all of which had to send letters to their clients; consequently, every printer had seven paper trays. Now by using digital forms and templates they could potentially manage hundreds of brands and still only need one paper tray.

So the questions are:

How easy is it to implement digital templates?
Can it be made readily available to all staff securely and efficiently?
How accurate is colour replication?
Can we maintain our corporate branding?
Is it cost effective?
What other business templates can we look to create digitally?

For some businesses that have already taken the leap, this might seem old hat. However, for many businesses, the 20,000 pages of letterhead they got printed because it was cheaper to do a long run and still have 19,000 pages in storage this could be a compelling argument! Luckily we tend to learn from our mistakes…

Follow the link for just one simple cost effective option! KYOCERA – KYOeasyprint

Electronic templates are easily set up and you will find your marketing/brand management company has already done most of the work. In addition, when used in a print server environment it can be simply pushed out using several tools within windows or the device toolkit. All full-colour MFDs have several network connection options, including embedded EFI fiery controllers to ensure Pantone matching and accurate colour replication. However, more importantly, with the emergence of digital technology, this is now cost effective for every size of business.

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