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It’s no secret that the healthcare sector is struggling with paperwork problems.

With a multitude of documents to create, complete, file and manage every single day, it’s often a miracle that anything else gets done. The vast volumes of paperwork required in order to monitor patient care and adhere to industry legislation to remain compliant is at times overwhelming.

When this is all done in physical paper form, you create a mountain of paperwork the likes of which are seldom seen anywhere else.

We understand the unique demands of the healthcare industry and have created print and document solutions aimed specifically at this sector.

At ITDS, we specialise in helping healthcare organisations to readdress the balance, giving peace of mind that documentation is properly stored, easily accessed and compliant, giving them time to focus on patient needs.


of time spent managing paperwork


Forms and documents to create, complete, file and manage every single day


Typical increase in the amount of paper used by companies every year


worth of waste created annually by laser printers


Paper intensive


Tracking and visibility


Collaboration across organisation


Storage & retrieval of documents


Heavily regulated


Compliance obligations


High levels of administration


What our clients say

"The new Managed Print Solution has transformed the print operation across the Sunrise business. There is now uniformity across the fleet, which has led to significant savings and made the management of the print network far easier for our users and support staff".

Sunrise Senior Living

How we can help

We have developed a portfolio of solutions specifically designed for the healthcare sector that assist with processing and storing information and optimising labour-intensive processes to drive efficiencies.

The automation of labour and paper intensive processes, can free up your team, allocating vital man hours to more productive areas of the business.
By replacing forms and paperwork with e-forms, care homes could see a number of benefits. With e-forms, not only will documents be created digitally, but they can go through the whole authorisation process digitally too.
Thanks to automated workflow patterns and centralised storage, the amount of time that needs to be spent on paperwork from creation to approval and storage is minimised. This means that care home staff will have significantly more time available to spend on resident care.
All documents for all of the care homes in your network can be stored on one server, accessible from every location remotely. Not only does this create significant savings in IT running costs, but it also makes it easy for care home staff to access resident documentation quickly and easily.
From medication orders to care plans, behaviour records and admission forms, paperwork often needs to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and go through the same stages of completion, checks and storage. All of this requires a lot of man hours to do. Care homes can implement automated workflows to perform many of these processes automatically in a fraction of the time.
Centralised content management enables care home staff to have instant access to full medical records for all of their residents – making tasks like administering medication on time, checking on welfare and watching out for flagged warning signs a much simpler task.
With multiple staff working with the same residents, keeping track of everything can be difficult. However, content management solutions allow for staff to collaborate and communicate more effectively on documentation and patient care.
Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry. Digital documentation makes it easy to remain fully compliant at all times. Not only can all documentation be stored in one place, but users can be given different levels of approval, meaning they can only access documents that they have authorisation for. The centralised document storage solution also makes it easy to be fully compliant in case of audits or inspections.

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We work with healthcare organisations across the country to help them with content and document solutions to drive real benefits and added value.

By digitising processes and removing some of the reliance on labour-intensive paper-based tasks, can lead to dramatic improvements in administrative processes, with time spent investing in the right areas and enabling a greater quality of care for patients.

The campaign to reduce paperwork is not going to disappear anytime soon, but by adapting key elements of the back office it has the real potential to transform your healthcare back office operations to drive efficiencies at multiple levels.

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