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Review and Needs Analysis:

We assess your business environment and challenge the status quo, better understanding your document requirements across the organisation. Once we know your print dynamics and document processes we can provide a tailor-made solution based on what your users need on a day to day basis. Our detailed trends analysis will form the basis of our continuous improvement strategy and is a vital way to increase your future return on investment. We use this information to set Key Performance Indicators to save time, money, and compliance around environmental sustainability.

Business Requirement:

Promoting a future solution requires a good understanding of what your users need with regards to functionality. We always look to improve the user experience, which helps to improve user efficiency. We can encourage best practice by the way the device is configured, the applications embedded, and through personalisation of the control panel. This detailed discovery stage covers the IT infrastructure, in order to reduce the risk of connectivity issues or loss of functionality during the implementation stage.

Legacy Equipment:

If it’s not broken why fix it? ITDS is a completely impartial and independent provider, so we are always keen to utilise existing assets in order to reduce costs where possible. If there are any devices that are not at end of their life or there is a specific business requirement, we ensure these can be integrated into the overall solution. This service can be provided using a number of business models; however, we will also look to implement a replacement strategy.

Hardware and software options:

As a business we support the industry’s leading brands: Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Sharp, Toshiba, Ricoh and HP devices successfully around the UK. We take a vendor agnostic, best-of-breed approach with our solutions and make the right recommendation’s following our roadmap process. All the manufacturer devices come with software solutions that complement the hardware. Where possible we will look to add value to you through our ITDS Professional Services to ensure a smooth transition, saving time and money.


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