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Freight and Logistics

Within the freight and logistics industry, paperwork is a crucial element of day to day business.

From ensuring the correct documentation reaches the right people at the right time, to making sure paperwork is kept in an easy to access way by those who need it, to ensuring the correct fees are paid for each shipment, and of course keeping a track of it all for the regulators.

The resources put against all these elements are often extremely high and not as efficient or productive as they could be.

We understand the unique demands of the freight and logistics industry and have created print and document solutions aimed specifically at this sector.

At ITDS, we specialise in helping freight companies unleash the true potential of their systems through the effective automation of their logistics documentation.


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What our clients say

“IT Document Solutions were extremely easy to deal with and proactive, they certainly understood our requirements in terms of integration with our bespoke systems which was hugely important for us.”

Air & Cargo

How we can help

We have developed a portfolio of solutions specifically to assist freight and logistics businesses in processing and storing information and optimising labour-intensive processes to drive efficiencies.

The automation of labour and paper intensive processes, can free up your team, allocating vital man hours to more productive areas if the business.
Identify and collect consignment related information and associate it with the relevant documentation, for example linking purchase orders to container numbers and storing the information together under a single order number.
With automated document capture, freight companies can put all of their documentation for consignments in a logical order and at the fingertips of those who need to access it.
Scanning documentation at multiple points and provide it digitally.  This saves time, space and transportation of bulky paperwork, and ensures that logistics documentation is added to the systems and filed in a timely manner.
Automate proof of delivery reports, manage expenses, and match invoices or payments to other documentation within the system, ensuring full compliance and streamlined business processes.
Moving goods also means moving information. Without the right documentation at the right time and place, business is not possible.  Improve your document workflows, whilst reducing costs and improving operational efficiency
Our managed print solutions provide greater visibility of how print is being used across the business and rules can be put in place to increase the efficiency and security of your business, putting you firmly back in control.
The automation of key processes such as invoice processing helps with cashflow management, reducing administration costs and increasing costly man hours within the department.
Gain greater visibility to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and legislation.  Through our solutions we ensure rigorous controls over how data is accessed, providing a facility to track when and how documents are accessed.

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We work with freight and logistics organisations of all sizes across the country from small independents through to medium and large organisations.

Our hardware and software solutions all integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows and networks and will help to reduce costs, manage demanding timings, whilst improving overall business efficiency in today’s increasingly challenging logistics operations.

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