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Document Security

A photocopier or printer can pose a significant risk to your document security. We walk you through the steps required to keep all of your data confidential, yet accessible. Intellectual Property is a modern day challenge of technology advancements. As a service and solutions provider we take responsibility to ensure you know the options available to you in order to protect your business and clients. Most manufacturers have multiple levels of security options through embedded software like McAfee, or by using encryption and overwriting tools on the hard drive. Whatever your requirements we can help you protect what’s important to you.

24/7 Document Accessibility

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, our solutions factor in the need to access and print documents securely 24x7, regardless of location or device. We offer a number of services which will help your staff to be professional and productive. ITDS Print Services offer you a fully professional commercial print-room, providing cut sheet and oversize printing options for all your office, exhibition, and promotional print requirements. Our web client offers access to your document management system 24/7 anywhere in the world. Our mobile printing apps allow you to print to multiple devices through your mobile device. Globalisation of print and consistent user experience is a challenge we can help you overcome, with brand consistency and delivery of service.

Embedded Applications

Smart applications embedded onto devices help you to manage your documents more efficiently. With the development of smart devices and smart technology manufacturers have developed open-architecture to encourage the creation of apps to enhance the technology and services they provide. Some of the most popular apps include: integration with SIMS, secure release of printed documents, OCR for the creation of searchable PDF’s, and remote diagnostics to name just a few.

Print Controls

We provide a range of solutions such as FollowMe Print, which require users to authenticate themselves at the device to retrieve print jobs. This improves cost controls and ensures print waste is minimised. FollowMe Print Management software can reduce print activity by 30% or more. By setting rules and redirection of print, savings can be significantly increased, reducing the amount of printed colour pages through the application. Our discovery stage will highlight areas for improvement and we can produce a solid case for change and estimate return on investment (ROI).

Improved User Experience and Personalisation

Provide your users with the best technology to get the job done and make their life easier. From device through to document, everything can be personalised to specific user requirements. Through enabling software our technology integrates with Active Directory, so we can utilise Windows permissions to restrict access or govern what users can see or use. Integrate with an Exchange server to ensure a consistent and secure paper trail, promote the company or solution by personalising the messages or icons users see on the control panel.

Corporate and Social Responsibility


The solutions we provide aim to be environmentally sustainable from energy output through to device settings, to controlling print and educating users. We work to ensure you have a robust environmentally friendly print strategy. Our solutions will reduce costs and generate an ROI over the lifetime of their contract. We can set specific KPI’s based on your environmental policy, focusing on what’s important to you and your business.

ITDS Professional Services can add value by auditing the efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure and providing a technical review, offering recommendations for improvement and implementation of best practice. The success of the implemented solution would then be measured as part of the continuous improvement programme.


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