• Capture & Workflow Automation

Capture & Workflow Automation

Businesses deals with thousands of documents and data points every day. And tracking all of that can be a challenging process. The biggest challenge most businesses face is how to make the most of their data without becoming overwhelmed.


An automated data capture and automation solution provides the opportunity to revolutionise your business.

It provides the capability to digitise paperwork and streamline the way you work across every element of your business.

From capturing all the documents that come into your business (paper or digital) to switching to accounts payable automation, you could save significant time, money and admin stress.

Remove Paper Processes


Paper is a huge risk in business, creating a huge amount of work and a huge number of problems. Information is often scattered around the business in multiple formats.

But with data capture and automation tools, you can take paper processes out of the equation completely, making it easier to find critical information at the touch of a button.

Reduce Admin Overhead


Process data quickly, accurately, and in full compliance with regulations.

Document capture and automation solutions can simply unite all of the digital workflow tools you currently use and any future ones you add on, and makes it simple for your team to capture, tag and process all forms of documentation, effortlessly.

Effective Accounts Payable Automation


Accounts payable is an essential function in any business. But it’s also the most time-intensive, and the one that has the worst consequences if it goes wrong.

By investing in accounts payable automation, businesses can see a significant reduction in processing time, error rates and associated costs.

How we can help

Smart capture and automation workflows can enhance your business processes and drive significant efficiencies within your business.

Reduce key entry on all content whatever its source (e.g. invoices, contracts etc).
Automated documents arriving in any form (e.g. Email and Post) can be checked, verified and posted automatically to inline business systems.
Perform lookups and post key information taken from the documents to ensure data is correct and reject any data requiring verification, ensuring a reduction in error and time spend on valid checks only.
Accounts payable automation significantly reduces error rates and invoice processing time.
Capture and push data to right areas of the business, starting workflows for other important business tasks.

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