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Cybersecurity can sound complicated and hard to understand, but there are simple ways you can protect your business going forward. Here are some top tips  to help build up the resilience of your business in an ever-changing working environment.  

  1. Security risk assessments - Undertake a thorough review to understand the most critical threats to your business and to assess the impact an attack will have on your organisation. For example, system failures and human actions that allow malicious behaviour. 
  2. Employee Training – Train your employees and educate them on the typical ways attackers can try and obtain sensitive information. For example, phishing attacks and common scams. Make sure to evolve your training as time goes on so the training stays relevant and up to date.
  3. Add layers of protection – Multifactor authentication will increase the protection of your business. For example, make strong passwords a mandatory practice for all employees. This will protect your security endpoints across the network. 
  4. Regularly update software – Make sure your software is up to date, the reason being outdated systems can be targeted. Any vulnerabilities will be exploited.  If you don’t have the technical capability in-house, then look to an, MSP to provide this automated service as part of a support package.
  5. Back up your data regularly – To prevent data losses, it’s crucial to back up your data frequently, this prevents data loss in the unfortunate event that your  business does come under threat from any data breaches. MSPs can implement backup data management tools to prevent data loss if you need this support.

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