• Bring your document management under control

It’s not all about printing – Have you been provided with an integrated solution to improve the workflows of your documents, through smarter scanning and storage solutions?

Managed Document Solutions moves us away from just print and distribution; it’s a broader proposition focusing on the lifecycle of a document, from creation to publication to archiving and retrieval. More frequently employees are working in project teams, so sharing information, collaborating, and version control is real business challenges! In addition we work across multiple territories and remote office locations, so having access to documents using multiple platforms is part of our daily working lives.

Employees look for investment from the companies they serve in order to deliver greater results. By becoming more efficient through technology, costs can be reduced and businesses can achieve more for less. Digital tools like dictation and voice recognition are leading the way, with free apps readily available to everyone wielding a smartphone or tablet. Well surprise, surprise the LCD screens on most multi-functional devices (MFDs) are quite simply a tablet…with apps and embedded solutions readily available to help your users become more efficient.

There is a range of tools available, which include:

    - Accessibility and control
    - Document capture and routing
    - Communication and personalisation
    - Data management
    - Storage and retrieval
    - Tracking and accountability

Lexmark is one of the leading innovators when it comes to developing apps within the digital office and reprographics industry, however, all the manufacturers have embedded solutions. The most commonly used apps being used for mobile print or supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)…i.e. Apple AirPrintor Google Cloud Print.

Look out for our next edition in the series focusing on Everyone Print, the market-leading product for securely delivering a fully accountable mobile printing application.

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